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DH&L came to life when I realized I was on the path to living my best life and wanted to inspire my friends and family to live theirs.  For me it all started at home.  There is so much interference in life outside of the home.  The world is ever-changing around us.  This makes it all that more important for our home to be our safe haven, our sanctuary.  What does that look like to you? When you start really thinking about that through honest introspection, you can begin to know what is important to you, your life and your home.  They all work together.  If one is off it throws everything off.  My hope is to help you identify this and help you make your home reflect it.

I’m Brenda!

Welcome!  I’m Brenda and the founder of The Chipman Group – a residential and interior design company, Designing Home and Life – a blog and soon to introduce podcast, and the Shops at Designing Home and Life – retail shop for home furnishings.  I live in Orange County and work throughout Southern California.  My hope is to be able to help people around the world live their best life by starting at home.  No matter where life takes you, you should be able to come home and feel safe, grounded, and be able to re-energize yourself for your next move.  We are all in this life together.  Let’s work to make it the best through love and design!!

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Created an open floor plan

A jewelry store redesign

Abandoned to Revitalized

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Garage Conversion to Accessory Dwelling Unit

Storage and Wrap-around Deck Addition

Master Suite Addition